Tuesday, 10 April 2012

An Edited Battle For Blogland Beginning

Yes. It's basically the first Chapter of Battle For Blogland. It's crap, I know, but I want to post something and until I think of something good, this will have to do. You should probably read over it too. I've changed a tiny bit, but whatever. If you weren't actually in the first chapter, don't worry. You can put your reaction there anyway. Feel free to control other characters too.

It was a seemingly normal day in Blogland when it happened, though the day gave no hint of anything unusual. It looked the same as it always did; peaceful, sunny and warm. Birds chirped quietly the regulars of the place, went about their usual business; talking, laughing and tackling. Tackling was a major. The splashes of lake water mixed perfectly into the rest of the noises around the area and simply made Blogland seem all the better. It was so peaceful and what happened is a thought of impossibility. No one had a care in the world at that point. Blogland seemed to be the safest place to be. There was nothing irregular about the day. But it still happened. Everything did, and when everything happened, everything changed. The scene, the people, everything. A frightening transition.
But not even Blogland was safe anymore. No where was. That day was the day their lives changed forever, unwilling and sudden. 
The footsteps were heard first. The unnatural amount of heaviness carried in the sounds that came drifting from the mountains made everyone halt abruptly. The talking died, the tackling ceased and the laughter faded, replaced by a sudden tense straining of trying to hear with a hint of unease.
They came poring from everywhere; the mountains, the lake, the forest, the volcano. The Hollow Men came pouring in from every place in sight. Those of them still in the lake staggered out quickly while the rest rose from their seats in unison.
Water slid off the papery skin of the Hollow Men of which had risen from the lake and dripped back into the mass below. Snow covered those of which had tracked the mountains and left a faint trail of melting white scattered across the still grass. Twigs and leaves were caught on ones from the forest and wobbled off the Hollow Men as they slouched their way closer. They began their slow walk toward them in squads of tens and fifteens, closing in on everyone.  The Hollow Men finally drew to a halt some twenty metres away from them, all becoming mobile and watching.
The silence that followed was eerie. Still. It seemed delicate, one that had suddenly been forced upon all those who could appreciate its magnitude. If there were walls of Blogland, they would surely be waning with the strain of attempting to contain the silence that seemed to be expanding everywhere, fragile and frightening.
The lake was still. The leaves and grass had stopped swaying in the wind that had now died. There was no breeze. Every single thing, living or dead, natural or built, invaders or defenders, were completely and absolutely still, completely silent, observing all the while…

And then the Hollow Men moved.

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  1. "Ack. Hollow Men." My magic wouldn't work on them.

    Which made this so much more funnerer.

    I started rummaging through my hair. Yes, rummaging. Anyway, I found what I was looking for, and I tossed one to everyone, and took one of my own. Everyone gave me weird looks when they saw it in their hands, but then they understood, and put the gas masks on.

    "Do I not look awesome?" I said to Mist, wearing one of my own. My voice was muffled.

    He just nodded, but I knew he was grinning, and then battle erupted around me.

    I ran towards the Hollow Men and swished my claws around, taking out several at a time, only stopping for live chickens. The air was filled with the gases used to inflate the Hollow Men, but we could all breathe normally, thanks to moi. I even got an appreciative thumbs-up from Lynxia, and when i was in Nix's line of sight I gave him a "I can't believe you are not worshipping me right now" look. I gave Mist a quick hug when I passed him, and when I had enough space between me and the Hollow Men, I took the time to laugh at how funny everyone looked in their masks.

    The ego that had swelled inside me pretty much deflated when I got a fist in the face from another Hollow Man.