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Because most other people have made posts of people dying, I decided to be a sheep for the hell of it.

 Crucify was just about drive spears of shadow into Ivy, Hayley and Flame all at the same time when out of nowhere, Sparky came running up, electricity crackling ferociously in each hand, hair in a tangled mess, blood and mud splattered across her clothes.
 'Get away from them!' she yelled giving Crucify a truly spectacular flying-tackle. Sparky pinned Crucify and, barely aware of what she was doing, started to choke Crucify. All the while Sparky was screaming.
 'No one, No. One gets to harm my friends! Not one single person! You must NEVER think that you are an exception! You could beat me to death with a rotten plank of wood, and I wouldn't mind, but the one thing that will cause your death is hurting! My! Friends!' she bellowed. Sparky paused for half a second to gather electricity around her fists once more. Crucify to the opportunity. Shadows collected around Sparky, held her up and held her still. 

'Such a feeble attempt. I am now debating whether I should just kill you, or make you watch me kill your associates first.' Crucify said, her voice dripping with contempt. Sparky growled and writhed, trying to break free. Crucify smiled and the shadows around Sparky dissapeared. Sparky fell to the ground with a crack. With a flick of her wrist, Crucify made a shard of shadow shred through Sparky's torso.

 [continue from there]

 Uh, I hope that wasn't too long... Everyone is there. All of you. Every last person. Uh... WRITE ON!


  1. [I'm assuming this means Sparky died then]
    Okay, so this is actually about battle rather than the reaction to your death but...I'll write a better one out when a get on the computer.

    Zathract roared in anger as he watched Sparky's body collapse to the ground and Crucify advanced on him. His head flicked up to meet her gaze and shadows whirled to his gloved hands at once before being hurled at Crucify mercilessly. The shadows were flicked aside by Sparky's look alike easily and Zathract himself was then slammed backwards by a fist of shadows. Winded horribly, Zathract curled up the second he hit the ground and shut his eyes tight as the pain kicked in. Darkness begun to cloud his mind and he thought for a minute that he might black out. But then it was gone again and with it the pain had vanished too.
    Zathract launched himself to his feet at once and managed to sharpen his vision just in time to see Eve being torn apart by a blast of shadows. Suddenly nothing else mattered. Rage blew his mind apart and the scream of fury that escaped Zathract's lips as he took a trembling step towards Crucify was barely comprehendable. Everyone else was dead. The bodies of his friends lay scattered across the landscape, bloody and battle worn.

    "I'm going to kill you." he muttered.
    "I don't think that's going to happen." a mockingly familiar voice said from behind him.
    "Your time's up." said Nagier and Crucify in unison.
    And there was nothing Zathract could do to stop the wave of shadows that tore him apart from all sides.

  2. Lynxia flew forward before anyone could grab her.and slapped Crucify, reinforcing the hit with shadows. Crucify recoiled slightly but carried on smiling.
    "Get away feom her." Lynxia growled.
    "But why? She's already dead." Crucify smiled.
    Lynxia wanted to deny it but couldn't. Her own bravely chilled her left wrist. Ebbed lifted her head to Crucify and spoke clearly. "Then you're gonna regret killing her." she said.
    She raised her left arm and shadows burst from her hand which she followed up with a punch with her right fist. It turned into a dark fight. Shadows blocking shadows and shadows attacking.
    Lynxia, however, started pushing her back. The others had now snapped out of their shock and were helping. Throwing fire. Cutting the shadows with swords. Eventually Crucify let down her Fauré for a second and Flame tackled her to the ground.
    "What are you going to do? Fry me to death?"
    "No need." he said. "Lynxia, the neck if you would." he called over his shoulder.
    Lynxia came forward and touched her neck. It cracked at an odd angle. Crucify was dead but this could not help the hole that was now there, for Sparky was dead too.

  3. *However not ebbed! STUPID PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. "Oh darn" I said. "Do I count as an associate?"

    Turns out I did. :D

  5. "No!" Lavender screamed, rushing to Sparky's fallen body. Tears fell from her eyes as she looked at Crucify, but there was also a fire in them, like no one has ever seen in her before. "You killed my best friend! You are going to pay." She was shaking, but not in fear, but in rage, and sadness. Crucify just laughed, oblivious to the fire that fueled her rage.
    That's when she struck. Lavender dodged the shadows that were coming at her. She felt powerful, as if nothing could stop her seeking revenge on the murderer who killed her friend. She felt the the power of all the animals she had ever been. The speed and sight of a hawk. The agility of a cat, and the strength of a wolf. Lavender Hope wasn't human anymore, she was a beast. She howled as she jumped at Crucify, nails sharpened to a cat's claws. Crucify's smile faded and had now become a frown as she concentrated on trying to send shadows at her, but Lavender dodged one shadow after the next. Crucify growled in frustration. Lavender lunged, knocking her to the ground. She put a clawed hand on her neck.
    As she was about to go for the kill, a voice called out to her. "Hope!" It was Mist. He was concerned that going too far could send her over the edge and he was trying to pull her back. Lavender snarled at him, knowing this, but wanting the kill. She looked from Mist to Crucify, her hand still on Crucify's neck.
    Crucify laughed. "Well?" she taunted. "Go on, you have me right where you want me. I know you have it in you." She whispered, "Kill me." Lavender growled as she tore Crucify's throat open, leaving her to bleed.
    As Lavender walked back to the others, she felt herself change. Her claws turning back to nails. She staggered when the strength of the wolf left her. It's power had served her well. Lynxia caught her and held her study while she got her senses straight. Now that the battle was over, Lavender felt exhausted. She made her way back to Sparky's body, now able to mourn, completely, over the loss of her friend.

  6. Amongst the battle, Hayley remained immobile. With one shard of glass Sparky, her best friend, her confidante, her (almost) sister was gone.
    The world was moving in slow motion.
    She looked down at her chest, watched the blood seep from her wound, but her face remained an unbreakable, unshakable, a perfect mask of her intense pain.
    I should have protected her. NOT the other way around. This battle is so pointless. She died in a pointless, unimportent, stupid fight.
    I can't live without her.
    Hayley bent to the ground below her and grasped another shard of glass, and brought it to her wrist. She pressed the jaggered egde into her skin, and relished in the feel of release as blood slowly started to drip from the unfinished cut. But as she was drawing it across her previously unmarked skin, she looked down at Sparky's body yet again. For some unknown reason, Vulpins words flowed into her brain as if she was there.
    "What the hell are you doing? Stop being a coward! She'd want you to beat this guy, go and take him out! Don't take the pussy's way out!!" Hayley shook her head, before grasping the glass shard harder in her fist and letting out an angry cry.
    Finally the word was moving the regular time again.
    Hayley threw the shard as hard as she could in Crucify's direction, and it hit him square in the back of the head. He whipped in her direction, and Hayley let out a almost animalistic growl.
    "Come at me bro..." she whispered lowly, a smirk taking over her features. He sprung at Hayley, and she easily stepped out of the way and ran up the nearest vertical incline. She flipped off, pulled out her knife, and landed easily over Crucify's body. She hesitated for a moment to whisper in his ear.
    "Sparky would have loved to see this" and she slashed the sharp blade across his throat, easily decapitating him.
    She rose, ignoring her blood splattered shirt and removed her leather jacket, laying it over Sparky's face and upper body. Hayley slowly walked up the nearest tree, crouched on a branch and kept her eyes firmly on her bestfriends body. She momentarily glanced at her wrist and the slash she'd made, and thought to herself - I'll live for ya' S. I'll live for ya'.

    1. Hayley, THIS is why you need to read the book series. Necromancy is death magic, and Necromancers channel their magic through an object. Crucify- who is a GIRL, by the way- channels her magic through a chain that's normally round her wrist.

      Necromancers control shadows.



  7. Sparky fell to the ground, blood gushing out of her torso. She heard Crucify walking away while laughing quietly. She cast her gaze towards her friends that were now terribly silent. Painfully, she tried to stand but her knees were too weak. She then crawled to her friends and she saw what Crucify had done to her friends. Flame, Ivy and Hayley were all lying on the ground. Motionless. Their throats slashed, blood covering all of their bodies. Sparky stood. Terror flooding through her body. She knelt beside Hayley, tears streaming down her face, and she remembered something she was taught a long time ago. She dipped her finger with blood and drew a sigil on Hayley's face. She was told, only for emergencies. Because using this sigil will kill her. Without hesitating, Sparky clicked her fingers, the electricity burning brighter every second. And she plunged her fist into Hayley's stomach. Her thoughts already flittering away, Sparky plunged again. Sparky fell back to the ground, exhausted. Knowing that Hayley is saved, Sparky smiled. And she closed her eyes. And never moved again.

    Sorry Sparky, I had to do something to revive her.

    1. *frowns*
      Look at the story. Sparky was killed by Crucify. I'm confused how you got this...

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  9. Nixion watched as Sparky fell to the ground. He looked up at Crucify, who was in turn looking down at Sparky. Very few people got to the point where Nixion considered them a friend. Sparky was one of them, and now she was dead.
    Nixion felt his anger growing, begging for something to kill. He was only too happy to give it a go. He walked towards Crucify, who realised that Nixion was walking towards her and watched him, an amused expression on her face. When he got there, Crucify lowered herself so they were both on the ground.
    There was a second’s pause as Nixion considered how to go about this. Then he decided to give her the finger and charge at her.
    Crucify grinned and shadows slammed into Nixion, sending him flying backwards with quite a few broken bones. But not before he managed to get his finger to touch her collar-bone. She hissed as it broke, and instead of a grin she now had a furious look on her face. She sent a huge shadow smashing down on Nixion, crushing him.
    Nixion lay there, looking up at the sky. He knew he didn’t have a chance, but he was too happy to at least die for his friends. His spine was broken, and his ribs had punctured both of his lungs. Dying was a certaincy. He didn’t know exactly where Crucify was, but he still raised his middle finger in her general direction. He heard a shriek of rage and shadows tore him apart.

  10. Sparky you saw what I wrote and I TRIED to copy and paste it but it decided not to let me.

    So, for a short part after that (where I read over the post and realised you had died - sorry, such a bad friend thing not to notice... ) this is what it is.

    Ivy walked over to Sparky's body, and knelt by it. Everyone decided to keep their distance from Ivy, because what she could do when she's angry was a scary thought.

    While Ivy knew she should be frekaing out, she wasn't. She was completely calm. Because she could still save Sparky.

    Ivy put her hand over Sparky's wound, and it glowed a faint blue for seveal minutes. Ivy moved her hand away and smiled as the colour returned to Sparky's face.

    "What would you do with out me?" Ivy asked as Sparky's eyes opened. Sparky looked at her and smiled. It was a smile that was drained and had no strength, but a smile none the less. She managed to speak.

    "You are so awesome."

    "I try."

  11. Zathract’s gaze did not drop to Sparky’s limp body as she collapsed to the ground, wounded and dying if not already killed. Instead, it remained fixed on the place she had been moments before, standing, battling, fighting Crucify. Slowly, Zathract’s eyes narrowed and his brow furrowed as if he was trying to make sense of whatever had just happened. The thoughts were not processing, or he simply would not believe it. Because Sparky was not dead. She could not be dead. Simply the thought of such a thing was completely and utterly impossible. It wasn't even something worth considering. Impossible. It would never happen.
    But then his eyes slowly drifted down and his gaze fell on Sparky’s immobile body on the ground. It wasn’t the mocking laughter of Crucify that made him see what had really happened, nor the screams from his his friends all around him, nor the large hole that ran straight through Sparky’s blood-drenched chest. It was the sight of her eyes gazing into the stars, unseeing and lifeless, that confirmed that Zathract’s mind had not been playing up on him again.

    Sparky was dead.

    Zathract blinked. Looking at Sparky made him hurt. Everything he heard was distant and fuzzy. The screams of his friends made him hurt.
    What happened next was so sudden Zathract was almost thrown off his feet with the force of it. The rage that gripped him was so powerful, everything flashed white for a moment and it took several seconds for everything to fade back into comprehendible shapes and yet still everything was blurry. The screaming had stopped and I could see a similar kind of rage plastered to everyone’s faces while Crucify continued laughing maliciously from next to Sparky.
    “Get away from her.” Someone snarled. It could have been Zathract; he wasn’t conscious of anything he was doing anymore. The only thing in his mind was to obliterate Crucify from her petty existence.
    Slowly, he advanced on her while everyone around him did exactly the same thing. Flame, Ivy, Hayley, Nixion, Eve, Gabriel, Johanna, Lynxia, Robin [[insert names of whoever else I have forgotten]] and Zathract, everyone advancing slowly on Crucify who was now snarling at them with hatred and possibly a tint of fear.
    She could tell she was going to die.
    She killed Sparky, after all.
    She had to die.

  12. Star watched in horror as Sparky's linp body dropped to the ground. She was still alive, right? Injured, obviously, but alive? Star looked for the slight movement of her breathing. It had to be there, it had to be . . . She couldn't see any movement, but then, breathing was hard to spot, wasn't it?

    Star ran up to her body along with a load of other people, and then it became clear. All that blood, and with her chest torn right open . . . Nobody could survive that.

    This is a dream. No, no, not sparky. This is a dream. This is a dream and i'm gonna wake up any moment now. This is a dream. It has to be a dream.

    But Star could remember other times horrible stuff had happened, and she'd wanted it to be a dream, and it wasn't. This wasn't a dream. This was real life. Irl. Eye, ar, ell. Spaeky was dead.

    Star felt all shaken up inside. No, no, no, not Sparky, DEAD . . .

    Star ran towards Crucify, ink already forming in her hands, but her heart wasn't in it. She wasn't in it. She threw herself to the side to avoid shadows, losing control over the ink, which splattered on the ground.

    Her unrealness was turning to anger. Crucify had done this. Crucify had unSparkyified Sparky. It was all Crucify's fault.

    Star felt the ink gathering in her palms again. Crucify would pay for this. She was a horrible monster and she would pay.

    Then Crucify shot more shadows, at Star this time, and Star was dead, too.