Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Damn I'm Good

New idea! Every once in a while, I'm going to post pictures instead of the start of a story, and you make a story out of the pic
Got it? Good. Here is your first picture


  1. What the Hell. That's all I can say.

  2. Replies
    1. I'm . . . not going to write a story on this.

  3. Voltrix Malicia stood there, waiting under in an alleyway in Ireland. No one was here. Typical. Scaredy cats, they all were. Every sorcerer in Australia had gotten a long and rather crazy email from the infamous Skulduggery Pleasant, inviting everyone to a meeting, right here. Half of Oz sensed an ambush, the other half just thought Pleasant had gone completely bonkers, and they had wimped out of going for the meeting. Voltix was the only one standing in the alleyway, because she didn't get scared. No one scared her, she scared them. It was her Adept discipline after all. To cause fear. And no insane skeleton was going to scare her today.
    Fifteen minutes after the time the meeting was supposed to start, Voltrix spotted something in the sky. Possibly a bird, was larger. It looked humanoid. She could bet a million dollars it was Pleasant, showing off his Elemental tricks. The people were right. He HAD gone mad, after all. To be publicly displaying magic in broad daylight...ugh. The public relations workers were going to be hard at work on this one.
    The sun emerged from behind the clouds, and she couldn't watch Pleasant's arrival anymore. So she just waited, looking at the ground with her hands in her pockets. She felt Pleasant land beside her, and he greeted her with a bright and cheery voice.
    "Hello, Miss! Do you like my new suit?"
    Voltrix turned her disinterested gaze to the skeleton, and almost fell backwards onto a cat.

    Skulduggery Pleasant stood before her, wearing a suit that could only belong to Iron Man.

  4. "Skulduggery, are you ready to leave yet? We have to go meet up with Ghastly," Valkyrie said from Skulduggery's living room as she played with her phone.

    "Almost," Skulduggery called from his room of suits.

    Valkyrie sighed. "Oh for God's sake, what takes you so long? You take longer than a princess to get ready. And I don't actually know how long a princess takes, but I can imagine it'd be a long time."

    "Well, someone is in a bad mood," Skulduggery replied, and Valkyrie could hear his footsteps coming closer.

    "I'm not in a bad mood, it's just that we haven't gone to see Ghastly in a while and I'd really like to make fun of him..." she trailed off when Skulduggery had walked in the room.

    He was wearing a giant Iron Man suit. There was a smile in Skulduggery's voice as he spoke. "You know you love it."

    Valkyrie just smacked her hand to her forehead.