Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Welcome and the first one

This is s blog where we put various situations that we would like to write, but don't want to have our character do forever. Like this one

Nixion lay there, unmoving. Dead. He was dead. Dead and nothing would bring him back. [fill out rest with reaction]

I want everyone to put their reaction to my death in the comments section. Everyone will have differnt things to do. It'll be fun. I have a feeling I'm not explaining very well, but who cares

That is your one to fill out (Nixion dead thing up there). Let it be done!


  1. Nixion Strange lay on the floor.
    Lynxia Lost pounded on his chest in a steady beat trying to restart his heart. "Get up!" she screamed at the body. "You sick git, get up!" however, she knew long before Sparky dragged her up that he was dead. She was screaming now, crying too. Clawing at Sparky's and Lavender's arms trying to get back to him. "Don't you care?" she screamed at them, over and over.
    "It'll be OK, Shads. I promise." Sparky said soothingly. They were in another room now while the.police moved the body. Lynxia collapsed onto the floor and sobbed into her hands.
    "No it won't. He'd gone. He's -" she stopped midscentence. "I can save him. I'm a Necromancer. Let me back in." she jumped up and made a run for the door, shouting about how she could bring him back and not just as a zombie.
    "You can't Shads. I'm sorry." Sparky said and pulled her into a hug. Lynxia pushed her away.
    "I can do it, I can." she whispered and walked to the door. She opened it to find no body there. Lynxia sobbed again.
    "They've already taken the body." Sparky replied. Then there was a knock at the door. Lavender opened it to find two policeman standing there.
    "We've come for the body." they said. Lynxia smiled and walked past them. She knew he wasn't dead.

  2. Nixion lay on the road, still, unmoving.  His hair was wet with sticky blood and a steady trail of it was still running down his temple and dripping onto the ground. Dead. He was dead. Dead and nothing would bring him back.
    I couldn't quite take it in. My eyes were still starting at the place he had been standing moments ago, still seeing him fall to the ground in slow motion. 
    His clothes were battered and ripped, battle worn. Nixion's eyes were open, but they were empty, unseeing. Lifeless. 

    And then it hit me. The incredible wave of realization, of cruelty, and the refusal to believe. For a second everything flashed white before slowly fading back into colour again. Everything was blurred, slow. All movement brought pain and more disbelief. 
    Nixion is dead... I thought, trying to take it in. The truth slowly seeped in. I didn't kneel by his side and mourn, didn't scream, didn't cry with the others. I didn't say my goodbyes. 
    That wasn't how Nixion would have done things in reverse. 

    I turned slowly and faced the army of Vampires still waiting. My fists were clenched. I couldn't see. My steps were hollow and low, lifeless. 

    I was in a blind, uncontrollable rage.

    One fist found my dagger. The other found the throat of Vampire. They would all die. 

  3. I stood there, wondering why Nix was so dead. He couldn't be dead, he was Nix. A dead Nix would just defeat the purpose of him being Nix. Nix knew this. He knew being dead was pointless as well as time-consuming. It wasn't practical enough to be true.

    But it was true. I wasn't going to let myself believe that he was still alive. I needed to accept that he was dead.

    But no matter how hard I tried, I didn't cry.

  4. I stare at the body.
    No. Impossible. I don't believe it.
    Nix is dead. How could we let this happen? There's someone standing over him. She's crying. Lynxia. There's a voice beside me.
    'He can't be gone. He just can't.' Zathract. People all around are reacting, and I'm not. No tears. No shouts. No fear, hate or pain.

    No nothing.

    Just numbness.

    No Nix.

  5. Nixion lay there, unmoving. Dead. He was dead. Dead and nothing would bring him back.
    "Oh dear" thought Octa. He appears to be dead. "I didn't even know the guy. I only met him today. Oh well."
    "I feel like an icecream."
    "Chocolate or strawberry?"
    And then Octaboona wandered off into the distance vainly trying to decide what flavour of cool delicious goodness to consume.

  6. Nixion lay there, completely and utterly dead.
    Ivy put her hand over her mouth, whispering to herself.
    "No no no no no no no no no..."
    She couldn't believe it. She had just killed Nixion Strange, one of her very few friends. She heard Sparky approach.
    "Ivy?" she asked. "Ivy, what's wrong--?" She paused mid sentence when she saw Nixion's corpse. Her eyes narrowed. "What did you do?"
    Ivy looked away. "I killed him," she answered, then teleported away.

    Is that good?

  7. I stared at the body that was once Nix. He was dead, I knew that, but I didn't want to believe it.

    'NO! He can't be dead, he just can't!' I thought, rushing to his body. I didn't know what to do, so I just sat there next to him. 'He was so full of life. Crazy at times, but that didn't matter to me. He was my friend. And what about Shadow? He was too young to die!'

    "Nix! Wake up! Please wake up! Think about Shadow, she needs you, Nix. Don't die on her! Wake up, Nix!" I cried, leaning over his body, cold and lifeless to my touch. No matter how much I tried to think he was only asleep, in the back of my mind, I knew that Nix was no more...

    1. How was that? I know it's not as good as some of the others, but you guys are just too good. Still, I hope you liked it.

  8. *sigh*
    When the hell did this start? I'm working my way along from the start. It looks interesting...

    Anyway, just quickly:

    Nixion lay there, unmoving. Dead. He was dead. Dead and nothing would bring him back. I chewed my lip, thinking. The first thing that came into my head was Mrs White in the Kitchen with the Lead Piping and I sighed. This was not good. Obviously. And yet I still couldn't ignore the late night chocolate craving that had lead me to the vending machine in the first place. I retrieved a Boost Bar before heading off to find someone.