Wednesday, 18 April 2012

What if...?

When Sparky Braginski woke up that morning she thought it would be a regular day. She was wrong. She met up with her friends and they were heading off to do something when they were surrounded by fifty or so Hollow Men. They weren't particularly scared, Hollow Men were neither bright nor durable. It was only when Sparky couldn't make electricity writhe around her fists when she was worried. What made her more worried, was the fact that none of her friends could do anything magical either. They may have freaked out, but they were surrounded. Various swords were drawn, bows readied and guns aimed. The group made it out with no injuries. But now for the problem of no magic.

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  1. I realized what had happenned.

    "Someone had bounded this town. Go and find out who did this, because I am not going to help you while my magic is neutralized."

    I saw their angry faces before I walked away.

    Later that day, I went to the edge of town and started searching for bound sigils.
    It wasn't hard, since I studied them for years. But all the years studying sigils, I think this is the first time I have ever seen this particular symbol.

    It's not ornate or anything. But it has to be the most simple sigil I had ever seen. It is just a line, a single line.

    I was just about to be confused when a reason sparked in my mind. Maybe the power inside it can be causing this..?

    I reached for the sigil on the ground, and I felt a tremendous amount of energy circulate through my body.

    I died.

    Sorry Sparks

    My brain is really friend by playing RPGs all day long..

  2. It's going to take a while to write... but i shall be done!

  3. Everyone was freaking out. People were screaming and running in circles. People's heads were turning into pumpkins, and then exploding. Crazed elementals were desperately clicking their fingers, leaving the flesh raw. Freshly insane Sensitives were banging their heads on walls because they didn't know if they should take an umbrella with them outside. I was the only one being cool about it. I used my magic purely for my own amusement, and I could find other ways to have fun easily. Besides, I used my teeth and nails more, so what was there to panic about?

    That was when the obnoxious little kid came round the corner, strutting about, claiming that he wasn't scared of anything in the whole wide world. I'll show him, I thought.

    Then I realised I couldn't use my magic.

    The next thing I knew I was in a white room wearing clothes that showed that the designer quite obviously hadn't taken into account te fact that the wearer may want to move their arms around.

    Idiot designer, I thought before I started another round of pointless screaming.

  4. This is just a sneak peek of an idea i'm planning to use. NO ONE ELSE CAN USE IT. And don't blame me if it's crap, I was rushed and had no idea what to do

    They tried to find the solution. For over six months the searched for a way for magic to be used. It wasn’t just them, it was the whole world. For months the tried to figure it out. Then months turned to years. It had been four years since anyone had been able to use magic. Then, finally, they had found out what had stopped them from using magic.
    Beings older then the Faceless Ones were coming back. Magic sorcerers use are just remains of their power. When the Older Beings started to wake, they took back all the remains of their power. Without magic, the world didn’t stand a chance.
    Without anyone to stop them, the Older Beings destroyed to world.

  5. Nix, you have an astonishing tendency to take an evil thing and make something even more powerful. Have you noticed?

  6. "Sparky, why isn't your magic working?" Ivy asked, trying to keep the panic out of her voice. "Why isn't anyone's magic working?"

    There were some worried mutters in the group.

    "I don't know," Sparky answered, obviously so stunned that there wasn't any emotion in her voice.

    Ivy was frantic. She was going crazy. She kept muttering to herself, repeating "Oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no..." over and over again. She was walking in circles, then she'd stop, mutter again, then start up again. Everyone kept glancing at her, trying not to panic also.

    "Um... Ivy?" Eve asked. "What's wrong? You could easily kill everything here without magic, remember?"

    Ivy nodded quickly. "Right. Yes. Ok. I'm fine." She didn't look fine by any means.

    Sparky glanced around. "What do we do about all these Hollow Men? We don't even have any magic to fight them..."

    Ivy looked at her blankly. "No magic..." she said, her voice quiet and empty.

    "Ok, Ivy, what's wrong?" Sparky asked. Ivy didn't answer. Sparky walked up to her. "Ivy?"

    "What's wrong?" Ivy replied, suddenly focused again. "What's wrong is one thing. I'm only alive because of magic. And if magic isn't working, that means..."

    Ivy fell to the ground, dead.

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