Tuesday, 17 July 2012

What If... You were to have an adventure with Derek?

In this What If?, you're going on an ADVENTURE! You can either be your character or yourself - you pick. You've got to fight something, but something that isn't normal, you know? That's be boring. Use this as your start. And you can also switch from second person to first person or third person.

You wake up with a jump. You glance around nervously. What was that sound? You were probably just dreaming...


You leap out of bed and rush out of your room, trying to find out whatever is making the noise. You don't exactly want to know - it could be dangerous - but your curiosity always gets the best of you. You walk past the door to the kitchen and stop. The sound seems to be coming from there.

You cautiously open the door and peek inside. A look of confusion comes over your face.

"...Derek? What are you doing in my kitchen?"

Derek brushes himself off and nods to the broken window. "You really should leave that open for when I need to get you for help."

"What? Why do you need my help? What's going on?"

"It's the ninjas. They're chasing me. They found out that I had escaped from their clutches, so... Now they want me back. And so who do I call on? One of my loyal minions."

"How... how did you know I was your minion?"

"My Golden Godness told me. Now then, what's your name?"

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Monday, 16 July 2012

Has anyone done a 'Gone' what if?

I'll do one, anyway.

'It's a FAYZ dude, it's a FAYZ...'

Suddenly, all the people over the age of '15' are gone, 'poof', the world is turned chaotic.

Murder lines the street, Kids killing each other over food, there is no order, soon the food disappears, water is running out.

There's nothing left for you and soon, on the 34th night of the FAYZ, someone comes for you.

A white light, blinding... Someone talking to you softly; "Come..."


(Is this done right?)