Monday, 16 July 2012

Has anyone done a 'Gone' what if?

I'll do one, anyway.

'It's a FAYZ dude, it's a FAYZ...'

Suddenly, all the people over the age of '15' are gone, 'poof', the world is turned chaotic.

Murder lines the street, Kids killing each other over food, there is no order, soon the food disappears, water is running out.

There's nothing left for you and soon, on the 34th night of the FAYZ, someone comes for you.

A white light, blinding... Someone talking to you softly; "Come..."


(Is this done right?)


  1. I'd all but forgotten about Gone.

    Anyway I don't think I can legitimatly do anything on the topic because I've already hit the big one-five.

    Good thinking though. I can't wait see what comes out of this.

  2. I've just bought Gone then, so once I make my way through that, I may attempt this.

  3. Slowly I pull back, but suddenly I feel dreary, and tumble to my knees. My eye lids feel heavy, and the last thing I remeber before falling asleep was the light tingly sensation and the warnings I had created for myself that this would happen.
    Then I was gone, "Poof," just like all the others.