Monday, 7 May 2012

Elaisse vs Nagier

       Zathract Mist's head polled to one side, his mouth slack and his eyes closed. The Infected backed away from the tree. Who's order they were following remained a mystery but one thing was for sure; they were about to regret chaining Zath to a tree.
       Zath's eyes snapped open but they were no longer the eyes Lynxia knew. They were now cold and mocking.
        Nagier took a step forward and the tree snapped in half as he broke free of the rope. He flicked a hand and all ten Infected were crushed by the shadows into something smaller than an ant.
        "Oh crap, not again." Lynxia said taking a step back.
        "Oh, come on Mist." Nix said drawing his machette. Nix advanced a step and swung the blade but Nagier swatted him aside like an irksome fly.
        Anger rose in Lynxia and a laugh telling her to give in filled her ears.
        "Let me handle it. Let me." Elaisse said, excited at a chance to be free. Lynxia didn't want to but she did. She let go and fell into the darkness that is oblivion. Her eyes rolled back and the anger swept over her, consuming her very being.
        Elaisse opened her eyes and took a breath. Too long had she been trapped, but now she had a job to do.
        Lynxia wished she could help Nix but Elaisse was stronger so she had just let go. Now all she could do was watch, wait and hope.
Elaisse looked at Nagier.
        "Sorry Zath, but not again." she said in her cold voice.
        "Um, hi Elaisse. How are you?" Vena Coil said trying to get close enough to Elaisse to give her an anvil.
        Elaisse looked at her.
        "Keep away." she said and threw the anvil into the lake.
        Nagier walked over to an unconscious Nixion, picked him up by his throat and slammed him into a tree.
        "Keep away from him!" Elaisse roared, Lynxia's emotions fuelling her, and flung Nagier off Nixion then turned to face him.
        Vena seemed determined to help Elaisse so she pulled out an axe. "Take it," she said "He's coming." 
        Elaisse looked at the axe and laughed. "I don't need an axe." she said.
        This annoyed Vena. She reached out with her mind and selves into Elaisse's, which, of course, was not appreciated.
        Nagier got up from his landing stance and sent a wave of shadows at Elaisse.
        Elaisse, however, was throwing Vena into a tree. "Lynxia may not like doing this to 'friends' but I have no such problem." she turned then and raised her hand just intoned to turn the wave into a trickle at her feet.
        Gabriel Cobalt ran on from the forest, sword drawn. "This aught to be interesting. I'll just sit here and watch you kill yourselves." he said, sitting against a tree.
        Vena got up and drew her own sword. "Suit yourself." she said, advancing on Elaisse.
        "Very interesting. Necromancer vs Necromancer." Elaisse said turning the trickle of shadows into shards and throwing them at Nagier.
        Star came from by the cliff, running to the source of the commotion. She looked at Nagier and Elaisse facing each other, both surrounded by coiling darkness and realisation dawned upon her face.
        Vena was now right behind Elaisse and she sent a mind bolt that crumpled Elaisse to the ground but Elaisse just stood up again like nothing was there.
        "Leave me alone, Vena, or I swear by the Golden God I will break you." Elaisse said, still looking at Nagier.
        Nagier raised a hand lazily and the knives jetted back towards Elaisse.
        "Something tells me this is going to continue in a similar fashion..." he said, a smile playing at the corners of his mouth.
        Luciana Scáth ran up and nearly crashed into Star.
        "Turnips." she cursed.
        Vena offered her hand to both of them "Partners?" she asked.
        Elaisse slashed the knives with a wave of her hand.
        "Yes, it does, doesn't it?
        But you nearly hurt Nixon, Nagier. Lynxia doesn't like that. And if I let her down then I'm the one who doesn't see daylight. It's not nice being trapped inside her mind." she said and ran at Nagier, shadow walking him to the middle of the lake before returning to dry land.
        As Nagier fell, he coated himself in shadows and shadow walked back to shore.
        "It's no nicer being trapped in Mist's mind. I have no idea why he's let me out. Maybe he's distracted. Or just feeling particularly murderous. It doesn't matter to me." he said and threw a shadow knife at Vena who was now attempting to creep up on Elaisse again.
        "Stop disrupting this battle or I will personally destroy you after I've dealt with Lynxia's darker side." he continued looking slightly annoyed and shadow walked behind Elaisse and drove a shard of darkness into her back.
         "Hell..." Gabriel said and activated his sigils.

Once again, anyone can be there. If you're not there already feel free to drop in you don't have to just keep to who's here.
So, yeah. Get going!

Lynxia x


  1. Sparky folded her arms and leaned against one of the trees. It always seemed that when Nagier came out, Elaisse did too. Whenever anyone's true name was revealed, they had an evil side. That wasn't exactly fair on the rest of the team, who didn't have an all powerful version of themselves to fall back on in a dire situation. Sparky shook her head and watched the people trying to help them, or stop Eliasse or Nagier or something like that. It had taken her some time, she had to reassert her personality several times, but she finally understood. When these... Anomalies occurred, the only way to get out alive was stay out of the way. Of course, no one even knew Sparky was there. She could come in and save the day, but she knew she would probably be murdered in an instant. She looked above the fight, where the occasional cluster shadows flew. They were below power lines. Sparky snorted to herself, even out here, there was electricity. Sparky pulled out her sword and aimed. She threw it with all her might, and the blade sliced through the cords, sending sparks fizzing everywhere. Now her sword was gone. She looked down. Elaisse and Nagier were looking at her.
    "Hello there." Sparky said. The pair shrugged and continued fighting each other. Sparky gritted her teeth. She pulled two knives out of the straps through the large tears in her pants and threw them both. One pinned Vena to a tree, the other pinning Star. Sparky stepped towards the battle and Elaisse and Nagier stopped again and looked at her.
    "You don't ignore me." Sparky scowled. Nagier laughed. Sparky's scowl deppened still. Shadows came at her, probably sent by Elaisse, and she rolled out of the way. Another came at her. She rolled again. Sparky stood in a flash and blurred into the trees again. She ducked just as shadows sliced into the tree, just above her head. She moved again as the tree fell. She growled at herself as she ran further.
    "Why did I involve myself?" she scolded.

    Um... Yes, so that's it. If anyone is confused, i've just decided (as I was writing this out) that there are now two versions of Sparky.

    The 'hard' version, could also be referred to as the 'post-prison' Sparky and the Sparky that's, uh, me. Feel free to use either...

    Yes. I hope that was good Lynx!

    1. There are power lines in Blogland...?

  2. I walked into Blogland, and saw nothing but the usual. So I went I to the treehouse and started making live chicken grenades.

  3. Um.. I forgot about this blog..


    Can i be apart of it?

    (I can't believe i already haven't, but sure)