Friday, 28 September 2012

Resurrecting This Place

Here you go. I've got a really crummy What If? for you all.
You can continue if you died too. Whatever works.

The two cars drove in the same lane on the road as the sun set to their right. Flame Phoenix, Lynxia Lost, Ivy Animosity and Eve L'Keet were in the car in front while Sparky Braginski, Nixion Strange, Zathract Mist and Star Inkbright. This was pretty much the old gang at its finest.
They had not all been in each other’s company for three years now, their last meeting having resulted in the defeat and arrest of Tallulah Vengeance. After their last large encounter had come to an end, most of them went their separate ways again, for the most part.
But at the word of Lavender Hope’s disappearance, they had reformed again, and were currently on-course to a run-down café in the middle of hot country. They were hoping this place held answers, for this place is where the clues they had been following very attentively had led them to.
The boots of each of the cars were loaded mostly with different weapons, canned food and water, seeing as none of them new how long they would be out in the country or what they might need in a situation.
After a long four and a half hours, each of the cars pulled up outside the old café, just as the last rays of sun disappeared beneath the horizon. Each of them got out of the car and quickly grabbed a few weapons from the boots of the cars. A few nods and short words were exchanged between the gang and they proceeded to walk into the café, their weapons hidden from view.
There were a few tables around the sides of the place and it stunk of filth and dirt. The floor was covered in muck and grease while the tables and chairs themselves looked half decayed. The lights were good enough to illuminate the entire place, but each of them flickered every now and again.
There were ten tables, each with two chairs. Two of these tables were taken with two people at them, and another with a single person sitting alone. Two of the people facing each other at one table were wearing hoods and the one sitting alone had a black veil up, covering the face. The other two people sitting at the table were not recognised by any of them. None of them had ordered anything.
Slowly, each of the gang moved to a large table that had enough seats for all of them, and the grime covering everything was ignored.
“What now?” whispered Star.
“Look around,” Sparky muttered to all of them. “Don’t make it too obvious.”
Nixion and Ivy stood up and walked over to what may have once resembled a counter on the prospect of ordering something. The rest of them remained seated and examined what of the room they could, but nothing greeted them but more grime and the sights of the strangers that occupied other tables.
After two minutes, Nixion and Ivy returned to the table and sat, both looking a little too calm.
“Find anything?” asked Flame in a hushed voice.
“She’s there,” Ivy uttered, barely audibly. “Behind the door. Tied. Gagged. Can I kill someone now?”
In unison, everyone stood while weapons emerged from everywhere and magic leaped to life. Bows and arrows, swords and guns were drawn while flame and shadows rose to aid.
The other people sitting at tables rose as well, only half a second off, and drew weapons of their own.
Crucify and Nagier lowered their hoods, Tallulah Vengeance tore off her veil.
But by then, Lynxia had already begun walking to the counter, her arrows drawn and ready to fire. And she was about to speak, probably to issue a threat, and the demand for Lavender Hope. But the bullet shot from the man behind the counter and lodged itself in her chest, and she fell to the ground.

At once, there was fury. Shouts reverberated off of the walls, gunshots flew across the room.
Zathract’s knife flew across the room and took the man’s head off before Nagier’s speeding sai buried itself in his chest. As Zathract fell to the ground, Crucify sent spinning shadow spear through Sparky’s head.

And then the chaos erupted.