Saturday, 21 April 2012

All About Us.

All About Us
Many people died.  The Australian Sanctuary had a number of sorcerers sent to try and defeat the evil person, named Mortem who was behind the many deaths...but they didn’t come back. Not alive anyway. It seems that they killed each other. The other agents that survived their allies attacks...they were killed by Mortem. I almost laughed when I heard his name. Mortem.  Latin for death. Or something like that. The Sanctuary had finally decided that they need volunteer sorcerers to try and kill Mortem. Oh no, they’re not going to take him to custody. After killing Sparky Braginski, Lavender Hope, Flame Phoenix and Star Inkbright, the Sanctuary will not let him live. It’s a suicide mission in fact. How are they going to kill someone who can make his enemies turn against his enemies’ allies? My head was dizzy for bit. That sentence was confusing. The Sanctuary does not know what Mortem’s magic is. I should tell them. I reached for my phone. But I am going to stay out of this one.  Just for once.

Anyone can be here. Even if you're dead. You can be a ghost. Or a zombie. If there's something wrong just deal with it.


  1. Ya know, it IS a bit hard to do a story on this without having an idea of the power of Mortem has.

    Firstly, seeing as this is an entirely new character to us, you would need to at least provide some basic information. Namely this includes some strength comparison and his magic abilities. If you want us to make up our own magic abilities for him, then, honestly you aren't going to get many people doing this. It may seem easy, but randomly choosing a magic ability for someone is harder than it sounds. For some reason, don't know why.
    Also, you would need to provide some information about his personality at the very least. His age may also give some sort of indication to his personality. Appearance isn't as important, but it should be mentioned, if even briefly, somewhere in there.

    For most people, this post isn't specific enough at all. Sorry about that. Fix it up and you will get a response from me and probably a lot of others too. I like things that are broad enough to give people complete freedom in an environment that is basically set, but this isn't enough, sorry to say.

    1. Oh, also, you may have thought that saying Sparky, Hope, Flame and Ink having been killed by him would have shown his power level, but it really doesn't.
      Not only do we not actually know how much stronger he could be than all four of them combined. And to add to that, everything here in What If? is in a parallel universe to...well, every other story with Blogland people in it. Which basically means the powers and strengths of people can vary incredibly within each plot.

      So...I really don't have anything to work on here.

      And you may want to provide more information on...well, basically everything.

  2. *nods* I agree with Mist. But I shall try anyway.

    "WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!" I screamed. Then I died.

  3. they died. sparky , flame hope, and star. died. they mightn't have been dead because it was n my point of view. they might not be they might have survived or something. but that s just the news i receiveed in my story that's why i put it on what if,you people can decide what he looks like, what he's personality is. And to me mortems power is he can make his enemies turn against each other, like if he uses his magic people near tries to kill each other. you can kill him in long range or something, you don't have to response because it was just a story i made up.

  4. Hmmmm, you said ghosts, correct?

    After the death of Sparky Braginski she haunted her old teammates. Not the 'wooooooooo-I'm-a-ghost' kind of haunt. The 'appears-on-doorstep-and-refuses-to-leave-until-had-lunch-with' kind of haunt. The lunches always had one thing in common. Sparky would talk about Mortem. And she would always finish with- 'Great, now go kill this son of a bitch.' it did seem a bit bossy, even to her, but she was dead, someone had killed her and she wasn't what one would call happy about it.

    There. Adequate?