Tuesday, 10 April 2012

This is a delicate subject. Forgive me if you start crying.

Okay, so...*sighs* I'm just gonna put it out there, okay? You can react if you...well, if it doesnt hurt too much to talk about it...the possibility...I'll start writing now.

"Eve? Eve, where are you?"
Everyone was looking for Eve. She'd been missing for hours. She just...disappeared. They'd looked everywhere, but still, they couldn't find her.

Then they heard it.

A wail, coming from somewhere deep in the forest.
It was Eve.
Everyone rushed through the forest, calling Eve's name, trying to find her. They got to a part in the forest where there was no light at all. Not even any glowing ferns. They were about to give up, when they saw her.
A figure in the dark.
On her knees.
Holding something.
Mist clicked his fingers to summon a flame. It illuminated her, and shadows danced around her eerily.
There she was.
On her knees.
Holding a knife.
Kneeling over...

A dead chicken.


    You've gone to far Eve

  2. *looks at her skeptically*

    Come on. Do something serious.


  3. That's as serious as I can get, Misty. :)

  4. Mist hurried forwards.

    "Eve!" he said in a harsh voice full of worry. "Eve, what...?" he looked down at the dead chicken, then to her, then to the blood splattered knife. A wave of realization rushed over him and he placed both of his hands on her shoulders before pulling her gently to her feet.
    "Come on..." Zathract said softly and walked her out of the forest, the others following behind.

  5. Mist dealt with Eve really well. As he walked her out of the forest I dashed back and grabbed the chicken. It was big and fat, only the head and wings were missing. So I set about plucking it and imagined how good it would look steaming on a platter of roast vegetables. But I knew that I would have to make sure Eve didn't see it.