Sunday, 15 April 2012

Another random thing...

The rain splattered the windows. It swirled down the window, occasionally one stream would meet with another and send a surge down that course.

Lynxia sat with her head against the window. Her eyes empty and unfeeling. She heard the door of her cell open.

"Lynxia. You're wanted in the court room." the prison guard said.

She got of the high window ledge and followed him out of the cell.

She had tried telling them. She'd tried explaining but nobody had listened. And so she had stopped. Stopped fighting. Stopped hoping for a rescue. At first she had hoped someone would help her escape but no one came. Days turned to weeks. Weeks into months. Months into this year and a half in a cell. She often wondered if they had been killed too but to that there was no answer.

The guard opened a wooden door at the end of a corridor and pushed her into the court room. She sat down in the seat given and hung her head, not wanting to look around.

She was not afraid of the prison or the time she would have to spend in jail because this was not her first time in a court charged with murder. What made her afraid was what she was accused of.

"Lynxia Lost," the judge said "This court hearing is to settle the case of the murder of Nixion Strange. You are accused of this murder. Do you deny that you did it?"

She hung her head more and fought back tears. She had not done it but the trap was brilliant and it had sprung. No matter what happened now, she was guilty.

Carry on from here! Oh, and anyone can be there. You or Barack Obama. I don't care. Whoever you like.


  1. I'm guessing i can't be there... I'll think of something, give me some time

  2. I sat there, with Lynxia. I was quiet as a mouse until the opportunity arose for me to pounce on.

    "I OBJECT!" I bellowed.

    Because I was Lynxia's lawyer.

    And I was awesome.

  3. Question, is this a magical case, or mortal?

  4. Mortal and in England or Australia. You can decide.

  5. Am I allowed to do, like, a flashback thing? From Sparky's point of veiw when she heard about it?

  6. Feel free to do what you like Sparky.

  7. I walk around the house, making my morning checks. I glance at the calendar in passing. Wait... I go back and look at the note for the day. 'Lynxia's trial' the trial is today!? I yelp and hurry around, getting ready. I remember finding out about this. I got a call from Lynxia in the middle of the night.

    "Sparky! Is that you?"
    "Yes. Who is this and why are you calling me?"
    "It's Lynxia! They've accused me for murder!" She sounded flustered. I yawned.
    "And this is bad news because...?"
    "They've accused me for murdering
    Nix." She whispered.
    "What!? That's bloody preposterous!" I exclaimed.
    "I know! But they won't listen to me!"
    "Where are you?"
    "Where in Sydney?"
    "Uh... I don't know?"
    "Police station?"
    "Outside a TAFE?"
    "Let me just- Yes."
    "Be there in five."

    I walk into the court room just as people start walking out. I've missed it? Gah, I hate this. I see a familiar face walk past. I chase after them and grab their shoulder. They turn.
    "Zathract, what happened?" I ask. Zathract looks at me sadly. Eve, who is staying next to him, puts a hand on his shoulder.
    "She's been announced guilty."
    "We know." Eve says, hugging Zathract tightly.

    1. Strange how no one seems to care about the me dead bit, only the Lynxia frmaed bit

  8. Oh cool. This story is so awesome.

  9. Pfft. Nix, we've already had a 'you dead' post. We need to shake it up a bit.

  10. Yeah, but there is no denying that I'm dead in this. Just in a differnt thing
    I'm just saying that there should at least be a mention

  11. Lynxia considered denying it, but she had no evidence what-so ever. If she pleaded guilty, she could at least have a few years off her sentence. But could she do it? Could she say she killed Nixion?
    “I didn’t do it,” she whispered. Then louder. “I didn’t do it.”
    The judge sighed, as if he expected it. Then the other lawyer pulled out notes and pictures and all kinds of evidence against Lynxia. Worst off, she barely existed in the Mortal world, which didn’t look good. Or her record. She had been trailed for murder before, and been convicted. She hardly had a case against the accusation.
    As the jury was convinced that she was a killer, her mind began to wander. Did her friends even know she was here? She hadn’t had time to contact them. They must know by now she was in here. Did they think she did it? They couldn’t. They should know she couldn’t do it. But they did know she had lost control before, and had almost ended up harming the people around her.
    She was so lost in thought that she almost didn’t notice a new witness come in. But she did.
    “Mr. Viol,” the lawyer began, standing up straighter. “What do you know about Lynxia Lost?”
    Her heart sank as she realised that this was someone from the government, someone in charge of records about citizens.
    “Hardly anything,” the man said. “Until a few years ago, she didn’t exist. Since then she’s been convicted of murder-“
    “Yes, we’ve established that she’s been convicted of murder,” Lynxia’s lawyer said annoyed.
    The other lawyer cleared his throat. “And is it possible that Ms. Lost is an alibi for another person?”
    “Not only possible, but highly likely,” Mr. Viol said.
    “Thank you.” The other lawyer sat down and Lynxia’s lawyer stood up.
    “You are in charge of the investigation about Ms. Lost and Mr. Strange’s lives, correct?”
    “What do you know about Mr. Strange?”
    “Not much. He was an Australian citizen, so maybe there are more records that I couldn’t get a hold of. But as far as I can tell, he’s exactly like Ms. Lost. Until a few years ago, he didn’t exist. Even in the last few years, both of them have disappeared a few times.”
    “What was Mr. Strange doing in London?”
    “We don’t know. However, I did notice that this was not the first time he had come to London. And Ms. Lost had gone to Australia a few times as well.”
    “So we can assume that they knew each other?”
    “We could assume that, yes.”
    Lynxia lost the rest of the conversation. Her lawyer made several good points, but she knew that it wouldn’t be enough to free her. Then, after what seemed like hours, she was called to be a witness.
    The other lawyer held up a picture. It took a second for Lynxia to realise what it was, but when she did she felt like throwing up. It was a picture of Nixion’s dead body.
    “Do you recognise the boy in this picture?”
    Lynxia nodded; still afraid she would throw up.
    “And the method used to kill him?”
    She closed her eyes. The method used to kill Nixion was one of hers. She nodded again.
    It went on from there. They refused to listen to her whenever she was telling the truth, and although she told them what really happened when her lawyer asked her, no one believed her.
    They sentenced her to fifteen years in jail.

    When she was dragged past the door, the guards hauling her, she saw a small group of people she immediately recognised. Mist, Eve, Sparky and all her other friends were standing there, looking at her. For a second she dared to hope that they would be there to save her. But as they watched her go past without moving. She knew that they believed that she killed Nixion, and that they wouldn’t help.

    Later, in her cell, she began to cry.