Tuesday, 10 April 2012

My go!

They stopped running and leaned against trees in various states of exhaustion. Zathract started laughing. 
'Is everyone okay?' he chuckled. After a moment everyone else had started laughing as well. Several people had slipped off their trees they were laughing so hard. 
'Why don't we try not letting that happen again?' Lynxia said as she got up. Sparky doubled over suddenly. 
'Sparky?' Hayley said, immediately becoming serious. Sparky was patting around her pockets. When she had realized that all of her pockets were empty she swore. Everyone had stopped laughing. 
'Sparks?' Vulpin said. Sparky looked up with a strained expression on her face. 
'Run.' Sparky breathed. 'Run!' she shouted right after. As soon as she had said this she straightened up and pulled her skin off. A vampire emerged. 

[continue from there]

That's just something that I've thrown together.
You could do what you thought happened before if you feel like it. Oh, and the people who were there were:
Vulpin (Alfred)


  1. Everything was happening in slow motion. Like i was moving through mud. I slowly, slowly turned around and started running. That was when I saw the others. That was also when I realised nothing was happening in slow motion and I was just being weird.

    Then Sparky the Vampire leaped in front of me and ripped my throat out.

    What is it with these vampires ripping my throat out...?

  2. *freaks out* Since when is Sparky a vampire?!

    Wait, maybe that's why the blog's called 'What if?'...

  3. You're not wrong, Val. You're not wrong.

  4. My first reaction was shock.
    I just stood there, staring at Sparky who was now bald and pale.
    I ignored what she had said.
    I didn't follow the others.
    I didn't answer to their screams and what was probably their warnings.
    I just stood there, staring at Sparky.

    And then the reality of it kicked in.

    "F*ck!" I yelled as Vampire Sparky launched herself at me, spit flying from her open mouth displaying the long, sharp fangs. I threw myself to the ground and landed on the forest floor hard as Vampire Sparky's fangs snapped closed on the place where my throat had been moments before. Swearing again, the floor was suddenly below my feet again and I was running.
    The dead leaves crunched underneath my boots as my legs carried me forwards quickly, stumbling occasionally. And all the time I heard Vampire Sparky chasing me, the horrible sound of her snarling following me, haunting me. And then something sharp snatched the back of my leg, ripping apart the protective clothing that was once there.
    I fell and hit the ground again, face first into the forest floor. At once I rolled over and brought my right leg flying diagonally left upwards. It hit the jaw of Vampire Sparky and I saw her stagger backwards for a moment which allowed me to leap to my feet again. It was only a moment before I had collapsed backwards into a tree trunk again though; my left leg would no longer support my weight. A quick glance down at it and the sight of the huge gash down the back of it already told me it was completely ruined.
    I looked up to see whether or not Vampire Sparky had recovered yet and swore loudly as I ducked under a vicious swipe that was sent flying at me from the Vampire. The claw got caught on something in the tree trunk and in that one second of struggle, I brought my left fist flying upwards. It hit Vampire Sparky's jaw again and she staggered backwards. I took out one of my daggers quickly and prepared to force it into her un-guarded chest when who I was attacking came back into mind.
    It was Sparky.
    I couldn't kill Sparky.
    My dagger lowered.
    And then a scream of warning suddenly erupted from behind me.
    I didn't have time to look up, but I felt the jaws sinking into my throat and ripping it out all the same.

  5. I'm in shock. I'm resisting the tears that I'm sure would be falling down my cheeks if not for the others surrounding me. I look to Vulpin for help, but she seems just as distraught as I am. Finally, I replace my facade and return to my warrior reflexes.
    "Vul! Come on!" I ran over to Vulpin as fast as I could, grip her arm and pull her up the nearest tree. She's yet to move, but my main focus is the fact that below me, Sparky is trying to rip our team to pieces. I wait until she is directly underneith my feet, pray to whatever god is listening that I'll be spared for the terrible thing I was about to do, and pull the knife from my belt.
    "Sparky!" she whipped her head in my direction, leaving whomever she'd been attacking before. "Up here loser," I yelled as I dropped from the branch right onto her shoulders. My bare feet hit her before she could move, and as I landed I effectively pinned her hands beneith my knees. I looked into her lifeless eyes, and knew what I had to do. I took my knife and tore the blade across her throat. I thought I'd killed her once she stopped struggling, but as I went to get up her hand went to my throat; flipping the two of us over and pinning me to the ground. My last thought before I lost conciousness was why. Why did it have to be Sparky. I would prefer it be me, that way the world can have a pleasent addition, instead of the dark cloud that was me. I'm Hayley Skirmish, and I'll miss Sparky Braginski so much. I wish it was me.

  6. I blinked owlishly at Sparky, now a fully-fledged vampire. I never thought that she'd let this happen, but when you're having too much fun, the unexpected always happens. Sparky jumped for me, her long pointed fangs showing, and I had to spring away on such short notice that her claws narrowly missed my face.
    "Ah, crap," I muttered as Vampire-Sparky whirled around to face me again, foam dripping form her mouth.
    I leapt over to a tree trunk, pulling a knife from my belt hastily, and jumped up before landing steadily in the branches. Sparky growled beneath me. I could see Vulpin and Hayley sprinting off and silently wished them luck if they escaped successfully. It was very unlikely that I would.
    "Hey, Ugly!" I shouted to Sparky when she started to look in Vulpin and Hayley's direction. "Look up here! Fresh meat! You want it? Come get it!"
    Vampire-Sparky screeched an answer to me and started to climb the tree, her eyes glistening maliciously from below, and I felt scared. For the first time in my life, I felt scared. What if I failed to save my friends? What if I died? I shook my head. Anyway, like Peter Pan always said: "To die would be an awfully great adventure."
    I jumped from the tree and hit the ground running, doing a roll before getting up speedily and legging it in the opposite direction of where Vulpin and Hayley were. I didn't dare look behind me as Sparky's loud and ragged breathing was heard from not to far behind, running footsteps following my own. My eyes were fixed straight ahead even as my breath started to come in gasps and my lungs screamed to have a rest, but I needed to get to the ocean. Everyone would be in danger if I failed.
    The loud crashing of waves came closer and closer as my legs hit the ground repeatedly, their muscles tiring by the second. I started to slow down, but Sparky's growls and screeches motivated me to go faster than I was before. My feet started to run on sand and a smile began to form on my face. I was going to make it -- I was going to stop Sparky from hurting anyone!
    That's when she suddenly pounced on me and I went face-first into the sand. Sparky flipped me over and I finally saw her lifeless eyes, now that she was only several centimetres form my face.
    I let out an agonized scream that turned into a gargle as she sunk her teeth into my neck and ripped a chunk of skin out.
    No one was safe now.