Tuesday, 10 April 2012

What would you do?

Nixion panted, covered in parts of the undead. He really hated zombies.
“They almost got me there,” he said, panting. And they almost had. They were pulling at him, covering him, suffocating him. He would have died if not for everyone there. They had saved him.
Lynxia frowned at straightened up. She was looking at Nixion oddly, and a few seconds later, Mist was as well.
Nixion frowned right back. “What?” he asked. Lynxia tried to say something, but just pointed to his arm. Nixion looked down at it. There was a bite mark on it, like someone had decided to start having a little snack. A few seconds later he realised what it was.
He reached down and tapped a bone that had come from a zombie. It didn’t break. He got back up and felt his wrist. No pulse.
He looked at the others fearfully, while they looked back at him in shock.
He was a zombie
Continue one from there. What would you do? Would you kill me, or let me go, or take me to try and find a cure. I'm going to coninue it myself, but i want you guys to show me what you would do. Oh, and others can be anyone you want. Everyone could be in it if you wanted, or just a few people. Get writing people! Continue it!


  1. Everyone exchanges some looks.
    'Lynxia, I'm so sorry...' I mumble. I pull out Hayley's trusty Mark 23 an hold it up. I'm not looking at Nix. I can't look at Nix. I watching Lynxia carefully.
    'No Sparky! You can't!' She takes a step towards me and Eve holds her back.
    'It's for the best Shads.'
    'How can you say that!? Don't do it Sparky! Please!' I block her voice out of my head. I look back at Nix. He nods.
    'I understand.' He mumbles. I point the gun at his head and pull the trigger.

  2. Lynxia looked at him in horror. "No." she whispered.
    Everyone stood round them. Either looking at her or at Nix.
    Lynxia ran to him and hugged him. "You can't." she said. "I won't let you."
    "Lynxia, come away." Zath said, pulling out a gun.
    "No, I know it's for the best but no." she said. Sending shadows backwards to snap the gun in half.
    "Lynxia, you need to. While I can still make the choice." Nix said looking at her.
    Her eyes filled and she whispered "Please forgive me." and drove the shadows through his now un-beating heart and through hers as well.

  3. Zathract stared at Nixion in shock. He could see his skin was already beginning to pale and then green slightly.

    "Nix..." he half choked. To his left, he heard Lynxia already sobbing. It was an impossibility. Nixion Strange was a zombie. How had that happened?!
    Zathract saw the effects beginning to take place, rippling outwards from the bite he had sustained. Nixion swore loudly and Zathract didn't flinch. Despite that he was used to this by now, he no longer had any feelings to spare. Nixion was a zombie. Everyone knew what had to happen.

    "Nix..." he repeated and managed to drag his head up to look at his rapidly paling friend who swore again. He was about to speak again when Lynxia gasped and staggered forwards, tears streaming down her face.
    Sparky hurried forwards to hold her back at once, obviously knowing no one could be allowed to go near Nixion again. Zathract would allow his last moments like this. Staring into Lynxia's eyes.

    But after a moment, he stopped, turned his head and looked at Zathract. He nodded and Zathract nodded back, slowly pulling out his pistol from the inside of his jacket.
    "I won't be able to stop myself for much longer." and Zathract knew it. He could see now, Nixion's body was shaking, obviously from strain, and his expression had begun to turn greedy and dark. Zathract didn't know how Nixion had already tasted flesh, but that didn't matter. The change was happening or happened, and it was time to act.

    "No!" Lynxia screamed.
    Zathract hesitated.
    No one moved.
    "Nixion's call." he said finally as Sparky nodded in agreement.
    "Do it." Nixion half gasped.
    Lynxia spun around to face Zathract, her expression pleading.
    "Sorry." Zathract said quietly as he pulled the trigger.

    But Nixion wasn't there anymore. He was next to Zathract, his mouth flying for his throat. Zathract swore and pulled back, his arm flying up to block the bite and the protective clothing stopped the infection from reaching his flesh.
    Nixion's eyes were dark, empty, but now purposeful. Zathract had battled plenty of zombies in his time, but this wasn't the same. He had barely managed to pull the trigger on Nixion moments ago, but he couldn't do it anymore.
    "Sparky!" he yelled back, as he knew she was the only other one with a gun. There was a loud bang from behind me, right on queue, and Lynxia's third scream split the air as Nixion's limp body hit the ground hard, a blood splatter now sprayed across my clothing.

    Zathract slowly walked forwards and knelt over Nix. His hand touched the back of his now dead friend and whispered something that would only have meant something to the pair of them.

    "The mighty will never have fallen..." he whispered.

  4. "Damn..." I was wondering how long it would take for my friend to decay. It couldn't be that soon. "So... Do we just stick you in a freezer and wait for someone to invent a cure for Zombieness?"

    "Chances are that won't work, Eve." Lynxia said. "And maybe there's already a cure."

    "yeah, but who's gonna go looking?"

    "I'll go looking", Lynxia said.

    Mist spoke up. "I will too."

    Then Sparky. "I will."

    Lavender. "Of course I would."

    Star, Val, Izz, everyone was volunteering.

    Then Nix. "And, uh, yeah, I'll go too."

    Mist looked at me. "Aren't you coming?"

    "Well, if you're going." I grumbled. "but I'm not going near Nix, in case he bites my head off."

    Nix shook his head. "I won't. If I taste human flesh, I go mad, right? I'm insane enough as it is, and I don't feel like eating anyway."

    I nodded. "Cool. And since you're bound to Necromancer will, you have to do everything Lynxia says now."

    Nix sighed. "Aren't you at least worried that I might rot before we find the cure?"

    "'Course I am. You're going to start to smell."

    Nix rolled his eyes.

  5. I knew Nix still had his willpower as long as he didn't bite anyone, but I still backed away, watching him with a weary eye. Lynxia looked at him in shock. Mist, going for his gun.
    "No!" I shout, stopping him. "We can still find a way to save him. He's not gone yet."
    "But he's a zombie, Hope." Sparky said.
    "That doesn't mean we should kill him. I say we search for an antidote."
    "Even if we could keep him alive, he'll start rotting. Then what?" asked Lynxia nervously.
    "Well, at least we'll have tried. Besides, Mist was going to kill him if I didn't just stop him. Nix rotting would be a slower death, but we can still try to get him a cure. I'm sure he won't feel anything though." I said trying to make them see that there could be a way for Nix to live.
    Nix got tired of them acting like he wasn't there. "Hello? I'm still here you know. Can't I have a say in this?" he asked.
    Mist looked at him. "No, not really." His face was straight but his eyes shone with a teasing glint.
    Nix opened his mouth to say something, but I interrupted. "So, are we going to find a cure, or just leave him to rot? We all know how hard it will be if we try to kill him now." The others nodded. I smiled. "Okay then. That settles it. Nix, we are going to find you a cure!"
    Nix muttered, "Oh. Now you talk to me."

  6. I dreamed about zombies last night! And the Ku Klux Klan! And making a cake for Star!

    Sorry if that's random but it did happen and I can't think of anything else to say and I can't be bothered trying to figure out what to do for that situation. I'm with Eve's one.